Lands End to John O’Groats

Alan's 1000 mile solo Charity ride

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Route Map

- A 1000 mile cycle ride from Lands End to John O’Groats

1000 miles from Lands End to John O’Groats

The ride itself I have planned using routes from many other cyclists accounts and adapting a little myself - mostly to try to minimise the amount of climbing which at my age is not quite the joy that it is to 20 year olds!! I have set myself an average of 60 miles a day and this should hopefully see me complete the ride in 16 days. Youngsters very often average twice that mileage and twice the climbing over half the overall time but thats another set of stories... I am a Rotarian (Rotary Club of Oxford North ) and am very lucky to have a friend and fellow Rotarian Martin Cowell who has volunteered his services to drive a van from stop to stop to carry our bags, spare bike, tools etc., and to support and monitor my ride in case of mishaps etc. Martin will be simultaneously raising money for Parkinson's UK:- find his site at:


My motivation

I am  raising  funds  for  Prostate  Cancer  Research.

I  am  73  and  started  cycling  when  I  retired  5  years  ago, about  the  same  time as I was  diagnosed  with  early  Prostate  Cancer.  I  have  so  far  been  extremely fortunate  that  the  cancer  has  not  progressed  and  I  have  not  required treatment. However, I have  become  aware  that  many  men  are  diagnosed  too late.  I  want  to encourage  all  men  over  40  to  have  a  simple  painless examination  and  blood test that  could  save  them  and  their  loved  ones  from shocking  news.

I have wanted to take on a challenge like this for some time but was put off by lack of fitness and long-standing knee problems. On retirement I tackled both these problems; I took up cycling - which I had never done seriously - and I had my knees 'looked into'. A 'scope, flush and vac of the knees gave me four years of cycling without excessive problems but then one knee got worse and I had a hemi-knee replacement in February 2019. This meant no significant cycling for about six weeks but then I was able to build up miles and climbs and now it is doing well.

My interest in Prostate Cancer was obviously triggered by my own diagnosis but on the day I was diagnosed a 45 year old man with a young family had come in with a 'sky-high' PSA test and on his first visit was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer with no good options available. That is what made me want to 'spread the word' about the routine, simple tests below that all men over 40 should have. This would allow much earlier diagnosis and a range of treatment options which can save life and quality of life.

                                             PSA test                                                

This simple blood test gives a helpful, rough measure of prostate cancer activity. One result is less meaningful than a series of annual tests which may pick up early cancer activity in your prostate.


Digital Rectal Examination. This is a very simple examination.

You lie on your side on the couch and your doctor pops a gloved finger into your back passage to assess the size and health of your prostate. It’s quick, easy and painless - if a little unbecoming!      


Simple - fast - secure

Simple - fast - secure

Planned itinerary


Day 1 - Aug 26

Lands End to Wadebridge

60 miles

3117 ft climb

Day 2 - Aug 27

Wadebridge to Hatherleigh

51 miles

2595 ft climb

Day 3 - Aug 28

Hatherleigh to Taunton

56 miles

2940 ft climb

Day 4 - Aug 29

Taunton to Littleton upon Severn

66 miles

663 ft climb

Day 5 - Aug 30

Littleton to Kidderminster

71 miles

1516 ft climb

Day 6 - Aug 31

Kidderminster to Whitchurch

58 miles

2290 ft climb

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Day 7 - Sep 1

Whitchurch to Chorley

61 miles

1532 ft climb

Day 8 - Sep 2

Chorley to Kendal

57 miles

1588 ft climb

Day 9 - Sep 3

Kendal to Carlisle

56 miles

3110 ft climb

Day 10 - Sep 4

Carlisle to Abington

60 miles

1857 ft climb

Day 11 - Sep 5

Abington to Kinross

61 miles

1946 ft climb

Day 12 - Sep 6

Kinross to Blair Atholl

54 miles

1775 ft climb

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Day 13 - Sep 7

Blair Atholl to Aviemore

54 miles

1709 ft climb

Day 14 - Sep 8

Aviemore to Evanton

55 miles

2215 ft climb

Day 15 - Sep 9

Evanton to Helmsdale

50 miles

1621 ft climb

Day 16 - Sep 10

Helmsdale to John O'Groats

53 miles

2362 ft climb

Big rest.....

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Join in?

If anyone would like to join me cycling a leg or part of a leg they are welcome to do so.

Please email me - telling me who you are and where you would like to join the ride and I will liaise with you.

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